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Basic Construction Estimator

An ideal product for Builders, Remodelers, & Sub-contractors

Enter details such as square footage, linear footage, roof pitch,
etc, and the Basic Construction Estimator produces a detailed
material list and labor costs.

Produces a professional estimate for your customer

Youtube Video (Basic Construction Estimator Overview)

Basic Home Builder

An ideal product for Builders and General Contractors.

By selecting line items the Basic Home Builder produces a
professional quote for your customer.

Send bids to your sub-contractors

Youtube Video (Basic Construction Estimator Overview)

Basic Landscaping & Excavation

For Landscaping, Excavation, Trucking and more

Keep accurate track of your equipment costs and pricing

Build quote by entering details such as measurements of
work area, hours round trip, mileage, equipment hours,
aggregate and material cost.

All programs are Excel based to allow any user with a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel to customize the program to fit their unique needs.
Requires Microsoft Excel
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